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Campervans for Backpackers

Having a campervan is by far the best way to experience New Zealand, and with our spacious, fuel-economy vans you’ll be completely set to explore this incredible country. Our goal is to get you on your road trip in the most affordable way possible. You can buy a campervan for much less than the cost of renting it and to give you peace of mind we have a guarantee buy-back policy with every van. Buying a Kiwi Road Trips’ campervan can cost as little as $20 per day compared to renting or hiring a van which is sometimes more than $100 per day. On top of that with renting you have to pay for an expensive per day insurance policy. We have a better way. Don’t rent it, buy it! If you are a backpacker or a traveller, on a budget, looking for the most economical way to get around New Zealand then buy a Kiwi Road Trips’ campervan with a buy-back guarantee. Our vans are comfortable, functional and have everything you need for your New Zealand road trip.

Pre-Summer Deal Campervan Only $49 per day

Travel around New Zealand in your own backpacker campervan for only $49* per day in a Toyota Estima Campervan. You buy the van with a guaranteed buy-back, must be returned by 20th November. Don’t rent a van when you can own one for much less.

Campervan’s come with a foam mattress, duvet and cover, two pillows and covers. Camping gear included e.g. 2 chairs, table, plates, cutlery, cooker stove and large storage bin that stow under the bed frame.

* Minimum of 20 days. Must be returned by November 20th, 2017