What is a Buy-Back?

The idea of buying a van with a buy-back (or selling back agreement) means that at the time of buying a van you also agree to sell it back to us at a future date and for a set price. It allows you to own the van and yet have the peace of mind that you do not need to try to sell it at the end.

The price of campervans drops drastically at the end of summer and this can be a shock to backpackers hoping to sell their van.  It becomes a stressful and time wasting exercise to try and sell your van, particularly when other backpackers get desperate and sell their vans for so little compared to what they initially paid for them. Kiwi Road Trips solves this problem but agreeing to buy your van back at the end of your travels so you can drop it off then catch your plane without having to waste weeks trying to sell your van.

Please contact us for a list of vans that we have available for the period you want to travel in New Zealand. While most of our vans are sold with compulsory buy-backs we can also provide some vans with optional buy-backs where you can sell it on to someone else rather than to us but they as a backup you can sell it back to us.

What is a WOF and do your vans have a WOF?

A WOF is a warrant of fitness; it is a regular check to ensure that your vehicle meets required safety standards. For older vehicles, pre-2000, the maximum time a WOF is valid is 6-months. For year 2000 vans and newer a WOF is valid for 12-months. As most of our customers are travelling for 2 to 4 months we ensure that our vans will have a valid WOF for the period of your travels so you do not need to worry about it.

What is vehicle registration and a rego, and do your vans have one?

All vehicles must be registered to use the roads in New Zealand. This usually only happens when the vehicle arrives in New Zealand.  At that time the vehicle gets issued with number plates with the vehicle registration number on them.

Sometimes people talk about registration when they really just mean a vehicle licence which is often referred to as a rego! Anyway, all our vans have a vehicle licence (rego) and it will usually last for your entire travels unless you have a special arrangement with us to keep your van longer then our usual customer.

Where can I find out about New Zealand Road Rules?

When driving in New Zealand you must drive according the New Zealand Road Rules as found in the official Road Code. This is the driving rule book-the guide to New Zealand’s traffic law and safe driving practices. You can read an online version of the New Zealand Road Code.

A great website with driving tips can be found at DriveSafe. Take time to read up the New Zealand Road Rules before your trip starts. One thing to always remember is to drive on the LEFT side of the road. You may want to make a note and attach it to the dashboard of your car. A note can useful for helping you remember, especially at roundabouts!

What Mobile Apps will helping me travelling around NZ?

Get the app on iTunes or Google Play.

Get the app on iTunes or Google Play.

Rankers Camping NZ

Get the app on iTunes or Google Play.

Get the app on iTunes or Google Play.

How do you check the oil level in an older style (pre-2000) Toyota Estima?
  1. It is best to check the oil level when the engine is not hot to minimise the chance of burning yourself. I suggest check it every 2,000km or before a long trip. The entrance to check the oil is under the front passenger seat.
  2. Move the bench seat away from the back of the front passenger seat so that the seat can be tilted back.

  1. Under the front passenger seat, near the left hand corner of the seat there is a small yellow lever. Lift the lever so that the seat can be tilted backwards.

  1. You will see a lid that gives entry to the engine. Lift the carpet up and tuck it out of the way.

  1. Turn the knob/button to open the metal lid. The oil dip stick has the yellow ring end to it.

  1. Lift the oil dip stick out and you will see the end of the dip stick has marks for low oil and high oil. Ideally keep your oil level high but at least when below half way mark fill with oil. You can buy oil from many stores including The Warehouse where it should cost under $20 for cheap oil, 15:40 (for petrol cars) is fine. To fill with oil unscrew the black cap (as shown in the photo above) and pour in. Careful not to over fill. I suggest put in about ½ litre at a time then wait a minute and check dip stick levels.

  1. After the oil has been checked ensure the oil dip stick is securely returned to the hole it came from and replace the steel lid by inserting the far corner into position under the hinge.
  2. Turn the black knob around so that it clips into place and secures the steel lid in position.
  3. Replace the carpet over the steel lid. Reposition the seat and bench.

Any questions or if you need assistance please make contact with us.