Campervans For Sale with Buy-Back

Buying a Kiwi Road Trips campervan is the most awesome and economical way to travel around New Zealand. With both your transport and your accommodation sorted in one go you can just sit back and enjoy exploring this wonderful country.   Renting a campervan is an expensive way to do it, particularly with insurance alone sometimes costing as much as $20 per day! Instead of renting, all the campervans we sell have a buy-back guarantee. That means you sell the campervan back to us at the end of your travels at a price we agree on at the start. This gives you peace of mind knowing you can drive until the last moment then return the van to us without any hassles of trying to get rid of it before you jump on your plane to go home.

The buy-back price we give you depends on the length of time you will own the van and the time of the year you sell back to us. Typically for trips of 2 to 6 months we’ll pay you between 40% to 50% of your buying price depending on the time of the year. As an example, let’s say you buy a Bronze campervan from us for $3,960 and use it 6 months then we’ll probably pay you about $2,000 for it when you sell it back to us. That would effectively work out at a cost to you of only about $10 per day for the campervan usage.

Of course on top of this you have your fuel costs, and insurance. The good thing is, if you own the van then you should be able to obtain a backpackers insurance for around $250 for your entire road trip tour. If you are travelling for 6 months then that’s less than $2 per day for the insurance of your van!